About me


Randa Fakes LoGerfo was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. She began painting with oil at age twelve, influenced in large part by her mother, who had studied fashion design in her native country of the Netherlands and owned the successful clothing boutique Maminette in Amman.
Randa's early paintings emulated Picasso and Monet. In high school, she received special recognition for her artwork, but chose instead to study classical piano at the HogeSchool Voor de Kunsten Arnhem, the Netherlands, (www.easysite.artez.nl) and received her B.A. in 1999. Randa's musical  performances as a student included solo appearances, several appearances in duets and ensembles, as well as several appearances as accompanist to different choirs.  Despite her immersion in music,Randa continued her passion for painting and developed her techniques for oil painting, completing works such as 'Prague", "Caesar", and "Illusions". 

On her return to Amman, Randa continued with both music and art, teaching private piano lessons, and performing as an accompanist for the YWCA and the Ahliyyah School for Girls choirs, while exhibiting her paintings in local galleries. In 2001, she exhibited twelve paintings at the Blue Fig Cafe (www.bluefig.com) in Amman.

In 2003 Randa immigrated to the United States.  Living in Arlington, Virginia, she took formal art classes for the first time at the Art League School in Alexandria.  Randa taught piano lessons, both privately and at the Piano Adventure Music School (www.pianoadventure.org) in Hyattsville, Maryland.  Randa exhibited some oil paintings and sketches at St. Elmo's Cafe in Alexandria, and has completed numerous commissions over the past year.  She also taught music for Valley Drive Preschool in Alexandria (www.valleydrive.com). 


In 2006 Randa lived in Tunis for seven months, during which time she completed "Tunis " and "Hours". Later in the year, she moved to Cairo, where she resumed private piano lessons and music instructor at Small Talk pre-school.

Randa participated in an Cairo exhibition On a Caravan (www.oncaravan.org) in early 2009, and 2010  joining highly respected and recognized Egyptian and Western artists with the goal of building bridges of understanding and respect between East and West, Muslims and Christians.

In 2011 Randa returned to Arlington.  She taught at the Fall Church Music Conservatory (www.fallschurchmusic.com).  She also exhibited paintings at the Del Ray Artisans gallery in Alexandria, Virginia (www.thedelrayartisans.org) and the Alexandria Torpedo Factory (www.torpedofactory.org).

Randa's unique background and travel experience, coupled with a continuing passion
for art, have led to her creativity as exhibited here on (www.galleryranda.com) . We
hope you enjoy it.