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  Painting above title " siesta key"

  Painting below title" almond tree"




almond tree 























 Dear All, 


 Our Piano Christmas Recital 2017 was a Success.

I'm very proud of each student ! The residents enjoyed their playing.

We are off to a great year for 2018. 

Everybody is looking forward to the next Recital in June.

more details will be posted in May.


I'm continuing performing  my Master piano class and  teaching Ageless art 

at Sunrise Senior Living.



Thank you for letting me share music with your kids.







      One of my paintings "Al Suuk" was exhibited in the DelRayArtisans Month of March 2016

      2704 Mount Vernon Avenue 

     Alexandria VA 22301-1124










Randa's artwork transcends traditional boundaries of style and genre.Her collection is an expression of nature, still life and human figures through creative diversity.Her primary focus is abstract, but she has also worked with impressionist and traditional styles. 
Randa's technique has varied but primarily employs a technique of illusion through application of colors - as seen in "Prague," where she used knives and brushes to create a terra colored interpretation of the old clock in Prague.For any questions please contact me on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Many of Randa's works focus on images of humanity, from facial expressions to iconic figures singing or performing musical instruments such as in "Soul" and "Legend." Her background as a classically trained pianist and music teacher influences her choice of subject for many of her works. 

 In "Sea Illusions", Randa conveys the mood of the painting through choice of color, and through an impressionist style she allows the viewer the freedom to interpret a variety of images. Some of Randa's paintings use an uncluttered abstract style and choice of calm colors to convey themes such as companionship amidst loneliness in "Ghazal." In "Primus," Randa's branched out with a geometric interpretation of the first book of the Bible thus reflecting her ability to transform known subject matter with her innovative style. Additionally, Randa interprets known geographic places such as "New Orleans" and Prague to give a truly innovative and artistic interpretation. 

 The paintings offer a range of softly muted tones, clearly defined crisply colored lines and stark abstraction that invites the imagination of the viewer. They reflect the ability of the artist to represent her chosen themes through a variety of styles that embrace both traditional and contemporary art in an inventive way.